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A light "powder" made up of almonds, clay and flowers to delicately detox your face. Leaving behind a soft, dewy glow.


Mix your 2 teaspoons of your Elephantal Cleansing Grains powder with enough Flower Essence water to make a thick paste. Apply paste to your face, wet hands and gently massage paste in a circular motion. If the paste is too thick, rinse hands and begin exfoliation process again. The added water should reduce viscosity.


Choose the right one for your skin type! We have blends for dry or oily skin.


Will leave your skin soft, smooth and bright.


8oz Elephantal Flower Essence (Oily or Dry Skin)

6oz Elephantal Cleansing Grains

Cleansing Grains Face

  • Ingredients: Fullers Earth, Almonds, Oat Tops, Rose Hips, Lavender, Chamomile


  • Flower Essence for Dry Skin Ingredients: Calendula, Yarrow, Glycerin, Marshmallow Root, Chamomile, Fennel Seed, Rose, Lavender, Safflower, Reverse Osmosis Natural Spring Water

    Flower Essence for Oily Skin Ingredients: Calendula, Yarrow, Witch Hazel, Marshmallow Root, Chamomile, Fennel Seed, Rose, Lavender, Safflower, Reverse Osmosis Natural Spring Water

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