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Community Garden

Help Me Build a Sustainable Food Forest Today!

Want to support a sustainable cause that benefits both the environment and the community? Help me build my own food forest! With your contribution, we can purchase plants, improve the soil quality, and build a geothermal greenhouse that will help us grow fresh fruits and veggies year-round. Your donation will also help us document the entire process, so that others can learn how to create their own food forest in the future. Don't wait, make a difference today and be a part of something amazing!


Brandon Harvey,
Founder & CEO
Elephantal Wellness

Herbalist, farmer, dog-lover and avid conspiracy theorist using the power of nature to heal all those who are willing. You can also support me by supporting yourself! We have herbal teas for blood pressure, fatty liver, gastrointestinal issues, chronic pain, anxiety - you name it!

Your donations will be used for...

Herbal Medicine

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