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Generally, cultures around the world have had a huge appreciation for dreams. They believed it was a way to commune with the spirit world, identify important moments/symbols in their lives, as well as provide insights into the future through visions and uploads. Our DREAMY Herbal Tea blends the following herbs to enhance the power of your dreams and help you to remember them when you wake up. NOTE: WE HAVE A SLEEP ONLY BLEND


Lavender Flower can aid soothe anxiety and distress while supporting a more relaxing sleep. It gets the mind to drop off and quiet down for sleep much faster as well as helps to keep you in deeper sleep. Reduces nervous fatigue and restlessness while likewise boosting mental clarity to prepare for conscious dreaming.


Chamomile Flower is widely used to sustain a feeling of mental tranquility and to calm wired nerves giving a relaxing rest. Chamomile is also known to relieve the intensity of nightmares, or remove them altogether.


Mugwort, a favorite among Muggles ;), takes you up a notch or two from your general dream state. More and more people are having issues remembering their dreams. If this is you, the mugwort in this blend can certainly help you recall bits and pieces. If you have erratic recall, it will may help you create a direct storyline of your dreams. If you dream just in black & white, mugwort might introduce colors. If your dreams are just visual - like a 3D movie, mugwort has been said to activate the other senses in your dream. For those who already have strong dream recall and experiece vivid colors, you may become even more aware of your dreamstate while dreaming. You'll be able to truly lucid dream.


Ginkgo Biloba leaves promote lucid dreaming by increasing the blood circulation and nutrients to the brain, which subsequently boosts memory, mind function, critical thinking and brain speed. This causes more vibrant dreams, and a improves the chance that you will remember your dreams when you wake up.


Holy Basil leaves are adaptogenic herbs that aid your body to chemically adapt to external stressors as well as supports mental balance by stopping the manufacturing of the stress-hormone cortisol. It has also been understood to help individuals deal with constant nightmares and night terrors.


Lemon Balm encourages a deep, relaxing sleep by sustaining state of mind and also mental peace. Lemon balm indirectly motivates sleep by elevating your state of mind and also promoting a peaceful psychological state. Lemon balm has been considered a nootropic or a brain-enhancing supplement given that it can enhance cognitive efficiency.


Passionflower allows the nervous system to unwind, especially if you're feeling wound up from random anxiousness. Attaining that state of peaceful tranquility, enables the dreams to come easier and the work you do within it can become more effective. Some evidence suggests that passionflower can have a favorable impact on sleep patterns improving the vividity of dreams that take place throughout our REM sleep cycle.


Peppermint has calming bioenergetics which helps reduce stress in your muscles as well as can help you sleep for longer and have a far better top quality sleep. It not only puts your muscles at ease for a much more restful rest; this tea has properties that can also help to produce radiant dreams.


Valerian Root has compounds that activates opioid receptors and also serotonin manufacturing in your brain, resulting in a relaxing and antidepressant outcome. Generally, the sedative properties of Valerian provide deeper sleep that lead to the brighter, vivid dreams you're looking for.


Rosemary leaves can enhance brain activity and memory. A huge battle many of us are facing when it comes to dreams are actually remembering them. By supplying herbs to boost our cognitive functionality and memory recall we go to sleep in prime condition to recall our dreams a lot easier.


To upgrade your dream tea add some of our Blue Lotus Flower or our house EW African Dream Root* upgrade.


Blue Lotus Flower is commonly known as an entheogenic medicine, which is a mind-altering material thought to alter one's awareness in a spiritual or religious manner. 


* The African Dream Root is grown organically by Brandon Harvey, Master Herbalist

DREAM BIG Herbal Tea

PriceFrom $15.00
  • Chamomile Flower, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Holy Basil Leaf, Lavender Flower, Lemon Balm Leaf, Mugwort, Passionflower, Peppermint Leaf, Rosemary Leaf, Valerian Root

    If you want to sleep without the added dream boosting herbs, Elephantal Wellness offers a SLEEPYTIME HERBAL TEA for that purpose.

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