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Calendula officinalis is an annual herb that has been a part of the world's herbalism history for centuries. From its edible daisy-like orange and yellow petals, to its integration into lotions, balms, oils and teas - this cheerful ornamental carries many beneficial properties fit for any home garden! Countless generations have enjoyed calendula flower as both something beautiful to behold but also with all sorts of medicinal use.


Calendula, the floral symbol of cheerfulness and contentment that has been used to celebrate life's special moments for centuries is not only a beautiful addition to any garden but also one with purpose. Its bright orange or yellow terminal flower heads bring joy while its pale green leaves offer nutritional benefits - having this herb around is truly like having sunshine in your backyard! Native all throughout Southern Europe, Egypt, the Mediterranean and Iran (among others!), calendula can be found almost anywhere you go bringing an extra touch of warmth along with it.


Calendula loves the heat and can be easily grown in sunny Spain to hot India, while even North America, Chile and New Zealand aren't left out of its reach. If you're hoping to harvest some striking yellow-orange blooms for yourself then summer is your ideal time – just make sure they dry slowly so their vibrant colour remains as eye catching as ever.


The legendary Nicholas Culpepper knew a thing or two about calendula - not only did he recommend it as an effective skincare and scalp rinse, but believed in its magical powers to provide physical protection and spiritual fortitude when used astrologically according to the Sun's elemental fire. He advised that picking flowers under noonday sun strengthens the heart and will protect one while sleeping if placed beneath their bed.


In ancient times, calendula had a special place in the healing practices of India's Ayurveda and North American indigenous cultures. It was thought to be cooling (Ayurvedic) or energetically neutral & drying (TCM). Even today we rely on this plant for its versatility - from occasional stomach upset relief to supporting healthy skin.



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