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How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

As the cold season approaches, it's time to arm yourself with natural weapons against sniffles and sneezes! Don't let winter illnesses take over - give your body some extra defenses by following a few simple steps for optimal immunity. By using these methods you can be ready to take on anything that comes your way this year!

Eat Right and Sleep Well

Eating a diet that's high in antioxidants helps keep respiratory illnesses at bay. Let the vibrant colors of items like winter squashes, carrots, yams and kale be your guide (red, green, yellow) - as these are some excellent sources for antioxidant-rich nutrition! And don't forget what Grandma said: it always pays to eat real wholesome food over popping multivitamins all day long – processed foods won’t do you any favors when it comes to optimal health.

Sleep is not only essential for keeping the immune system firing at full power, but it turns out that a weakened immunity can also have an impact on your sleep patterns. Research has revealed how cells of the human body communicate with one another by releasing special molecules called cytokines – and these tiny messengers do more than just fight infection; they directly change properties in areas of our brain responsible for regulating slumber! So while we need to get enough restful shut-eye to ensure strong defenses against viruses and bacteria, optimal immunity can actually help us achieve better quality shuteye too!

Take Pre/Probiotics

Enjoying a healthy gut isn't just about avoiding indigestion and embarrassment - it's actually vital for maintaining your overall health! Three-quarters of the cells that make up our immune system come from there, so nurturing this delicate organ is an essential part of staying in tip top shape. To pay homage to your microbiome, why not enjoy some miso, kimchi or kefir (a kind of fermented food) as well as taking probiotics? Trust us: You'll thank yourself later.

Did you know that astragalus, an ancient Chinese herb, can give your immune system a powerful boost? For thousands of years it has been used to ward off illnesses and strengthen the body's natural defence arsenal - impressive! Astragalus works in multiple ways including activating white blood cells for greater antibody production as well as stimulating interferons & killer cells. The root can be added to soups, teas or even taken orally via extracts or capsules. Boost up immunity with this incredible plant today!

For centuries, Black Elderberries have been praised for their powerful immune-supportive properties. Packed with antibacterial and antiviral compounds, they're an ancient remedy that herbalists, pharmacists and physicians frequently turned to in the pre-antibiotic era! For those who don't love bitter herbs like astragalus but still want similar benefits; black elderberry syrup is available – it's sweet and tart all at once!

Reishi mushrooms don't just taste amazing - they may be our secret weapon against illness! Research shows that Reishis boost the number and strength of white blood cells, making them better able to keep us healthy by fighting off any unwelcome intruders.

"Scarf" It Up

Chinese Medicine reminds us of an old proverb - "a stitch in time saves nine". We know now that a simple scarf can save you from getting the cold by blocking out pesky, chilly winds. Ancient Chinese practitioners believed it was these wind invasions which weakened our body's defenses and resulted in a scratchy throat or stiff neck muscles as symptoms of its onset. So next time there is a chill in the air – don't forget to add one more layer!


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